• 100% Made in India

  • Accurate Range Display

    Never stay stranded again! Very accurate Range prediction display.

  • Dynamic Modes

    3 Speed Modes for Efficiency | Comfort | Agility

  • Turn-By-Turn Navigation

    Get Accurate turn by turn navigation for your destination!

  • Smart Systems

    In-Built Telematics for Live SoC Display and Theft Protection.

  • Energy Dense 8.2kW Li-ion Battery

    Long Range Batterypacks made in-house

  • 1,20,000kms / 3.5 Years (3.5+2 ExW) Warranty

    Long Life Battery Pack.

  • 100% Made in India Drive

    Higly Reliable 12kW Drive with AutoGrade Belt Transmission.

  • High Torque

    Instant Punchy Acceleration with 56Nm Torque at Motor.

  • Regenerative Braking

    Recharges the battery everytime you brake.

  • 100 km/Charge

    An Indian rides only 40Kms/Day on an average...So One charge will be enough for 3 days!

  • 2.5Hrs to Full Charge | 40Mins Fast Charge

    Plug the Vehicle to any wall charger and enjoy a comfortable overnight Charge Cycle!

  • Charge at any Public Charging Station.

    Immobilise the Vehicle In-Case of Theft and see the Location of the Vehicle for Retrival.

  • Real-Time Vehicle Location

    Motor from Leading OEM From Germany. Higly Reliable with Best Performance.

  • Digital Clone

    Digital vehicle replica on the Mobile App...See as much as 50 active Parameters on the phone

  • Remote Immobilization + Locking

    Simply lock the vehicle or immobilize the same in the event of theft

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