Smart Telematics

Earth Energy EV DriveTrain

Real-Time Data Monitoring System

M2M Based Communication for un-interrupted Data Transfer

  • Upto 14 Critical Data points examined continously

    Data points are compared in realtime to the master set to determine the Safe Operating Conditions

  • Stay Ahead of your Maintenance Bills

    Deeper insights into Riding Patterns & Parts Degradation!

  • UltraFast Data transfer

    14 Data points Every Second and 20 additional Data points sent at an interval of 10Secs.

Smart Mobile Application

Secured Data Transfer and Management

  • Vital Vehicle Stats Display

    Important Vehicle data like voltage and Vehicle Speed & Location displayed in real time

  • Trip History

    See Vehicle performance like speed, Location and Distance covered, All sorted by date.

  • Real Time Alerts

    Get Alerts on the App for the critical events that happen in real time like Battery Unplugging, Vehicle-Tow, Harsh Riding and even Crash!

  • Remote Vehicle Immobilization incase of theft

    Disable the Vehicle power incase of theft and see the Location of the vehicle for easy retrival.

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