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We work with our OEMs Extensively to produce highly customised Traction Motors and control systems for all our Vehicles ranging from the Low Speed Scooters to the Heavy Commercial Vehicles.

Our OEMs support us with higly reliable BLDC and AC Motors armed with our innovative Technologies.

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We have sampled over 120 different cells from the World's leading Li-ion Cell suppliers, vetting them over time to find the right balance of Performance vs Costs vs Reliability.

Our host of innovative Technologies on our Battery Packs for Advanced Thermal & Power Management make the Packs not only safe but highly efficient, getting you the most for every Watt of Power.

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Smart Systems

The Smart Systems are a set of sophisticated Control Units completly developed from scratch to meet the peculiar needs of an EV. There are host of Functions like Thermal Management of the SubSystems like the Drive Train and other critical Error reporting to and from the extensive Sensor network of the vehicles and compiling the same for the Telematics.

We are currently on our 4th Revision. Explore the evolution of these Smart systems here. .

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Charging Architecture

We have been successful in developing a Hardware layer that makes our vehicles capable of charging from all the EV Charging Infra currently available in India.

We provide a host of AC and DC Charge Controllers for all types of vehicles.

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Our Advanced Telematics systems is the key to our Smart Systems and this enables us to give our Riders the best in class maintenance insights and reliable Support.

We have a system capable of monitoring the Health and the performance of the vehicles in Near-Real-Time, giving us the data we need to make your EVs safe and going on for years.

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Interested in our Technologies! We provide OEM Whitelabelled Licensing Solutions too... Please find more information here!