Smart Systems

Earth Energy EV DriveTrain

Vehicle Control Unit

Smart Data Acqisition Systems.

  • 52 I/O Channels

    Completly Developed from Scratch for Advanced Algorithmic Control for Numerous Inputs and Outputs.

  • SAE Compliant CAN Protocol

    Universal CAN Compliant with the SAE Electric Vehicles Standards.

  • SAE Compliant CAN Matrix

    CAN Addresses and Priority Allocation as per SAE Handbook meeting international Safety Standards.

Power Management System

Advanced Energy Meter with Active Coloumb Counting

  • Versatile Applications

    Active Coloumb Counter with Current Cap. ranging from -500A to +1000A.

  • Voltage Agnostic Operations

    No Voltage limitations & Fluctuation Resistant.

  • CAN Based Communication

    Dual CAN Channel for VCU/Controller Integration.

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