Charging Systems

Earth Energy EV DriveTrain

EVSE (Electric Vehicles Service Equipment)

Accept Charge from all the EV Chargers Globally!

  • Secure Handshaking Protocol

    Internationally established J1772 standards

  • Universal Fit

    Open Stack Development for any type of Charger (AC/DC)

  • Enhanced Security

    Can Easily Accomodate services like RFID/Phone Based Authentication

Charging Station

AC Level 2 & DC Fast Chargers

  • Wide Range of Compliance

    Compliant to ChDeMo/IEC/CCS Charging Protocols & Guns

  • Auto-Isolation Protection

    The Charging stops instantly incase of a Insulation Fault

  • Discounted Company Owned EV Charge Stations

    We approve deep discounts to Charging providers setting up Earth Energy Charge Stations using EVSE and Stations for our Vehicles

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