Earth Energy EV Battery Manufacturing


Various Chemistry of Lithium Tested over 2Years

  • Highest Energy Desnity in the smallest Volume

    Our Final Chemistry is a potent result of the Numerous Trials and Field Tests performed on our Protos.

  • High Temperature

    Advanced Proprietary Liquid Cooling for higher Working Temperature Range.

  • IP67 Rated

    Can Operate for 30Mins under 1Meter of Water or Similar Density Fluid.

Battery Management System

Advanced Active Balance BMS.

  • CAN Enabled

    Reinforced Dual Channel CAN for Un-interrupted Communication.

  • Self Diagnostics

    Auto-Shutdown/Auto-Reset function if the Self Diagnostic test at the power ON is not normal.

  • Active Balancing and Adjustable DoD for Prolonged Life.

    Enhanced Thermal performance with active Cooling & Heating controls

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